The fascinating culture of stew in the kitchen

Hotpot, ein klassischer und moderner Restaurantname und eine spezifische und überzeugende Art des Essens, ist ein schöner Anblick in Chengdu, in Sichuan und im ganzen Land, in Essensstraßen, Essensstädten, Restaurants und Hotels. Sein Ruf und sein Einfluss werden durch das folgende Gedicht belegt


The Chengdu Hotpot in the Eyes of Foreigners

Die Chinesen sagen oft "Essen in China, Geschmack in Sichuan". Das bedeutet, dass die Küche von Sichuan die schmackhafteste aller chinesischen Küchen ist.


Hotpot ist nicht nur eine Delikatesse, sondern auch ein kulinarischer und kultureller Begriff, der den Menschen Freude bereitet.

Hotpot is not only a delicacy, but also contains the connotation of food culture, adding to the enjoyment of people. When eating hot pot, men, women and children, family and friends gather around the steaming hot pot


A variety of hot pot varieties with different characteristics

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and the development of cooking skills, there are many different varieties of hot pots, each with its own characteristics, and according to the fuel, there are charcoal hot pots, gas hot pots, electric hot pots, alcohol hot pots, etc.; in terms of texture


Some ancient emperors had a certain love affair with hotpot

In ancient times, some emperors had a certain love affair with hot pot. The Yuan Emperor Kublai liked to eat hot pot, and one winter, when his troops suddenly had to move out and he was hungry, he was sure to eat lamb



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Six Six Red 2013 will be available on Shaanxi TV and Shaanxi TV from 1st September 2013

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New factory built, Liuliuhong moves to Guanghan

On 24 March 2014, customers and suppliers from across the country gathered in Guanghan, Sichuan, the pearl of western Sichuan, to witness the groundbreaking ceremony of the new factory. Leaders from the local government and relevant authorities were on hand to congratulate the company and to extend a warm welcome to the arrival of Liu Liu Hong in the local industrial park.


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