Corporate culture

Corporate Purpose
Promoting Sichuan cuisine culture and building a first-class brand

For consumers
Provide high-quality products and spread the concept of health

To customers
Serving merchants with sincerity and trust, exploring markets with determination and courage

For employees
Learning and Training Achieve Self

To society
Provide quality, safety, and delicious products to give back to the public

Strategic target
Develop development strategies from the perspective of competitors and strengthen the construction of a learning oriented corporate culture; Using innovative methods to integrate effective resources of enterprises, and within 3-5 years, becoming a leader in Chinese seasoning.
Now, Liu Liu Hong is a leading brand in the vegetable oil hot pot base industry.
In the future, Liu Liu Hong will strive to become a well-known brand of Chinese seasoning.

Work Concept
Do things with diligence, and understand life and work as a process of learning, innovation, and creating meaning.

Management idea
Once done, it's considered done.

Corporate spirit
Learn to communicate and surpass oneself.