Chairman's speech

Dear friends
Hello everyone!
Time flies, it's another year. Along the way, Liu Liu Hong has achieved excellent results through our joint efforts. Today, the "Liu Liu Hong" clear oil hot pot has become a leader in the industry. But the cruel market competition and fierce business games urge you and me to go through thick and thin, both wind and rain.
In 2015, Chengdu Liuliuhong Food Co., Ltd. was renamed as "Sichuan Shangguan Food Co., Ltd." and continued to use the "Liuliuhong" brand. Our new factory has been completed and put into operation in Guanghan, Sichuan. We will uphold the consistent purpose of "Six Red": to explore and innovate, and make healthy food; Unite and strive to create a first-class brand. Continue to provide customers with high-quality products and provide consumers with higher quality services.


Chairman: Mr. Lu Yong